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Formula d'Ork

To play you will need a vehicle. F d'O is fully WYSIWYG, all options must be modeled. FYI the track lanes are 3" wide, the spaces on the starting grid are 6" long and the warbuggy model is 4" long.

These are the playtest rules version


Start yer engines, Boyz

It's about racing so no matter how trashed your ride gets, you can still make it around the track. Kind of. Everything else is fair game to be blown up.


The game is propa Orky. If you can think of it and model it then we'll find a rule for it.

Starting the Game

Line up the racers on the starting grid. Pole position goes to the racer with the highest total acceleration plus handling. Ties are broken by a roll of the dice.


  1. Movement Phase
    1. Select Gear
    2. Roll Dice
    3. Move Full Distance
  2. Shooting Phase
  3. Booting Phase


In the movement phase all players move their cars starting with the player in the lead, i.e. closest in inches to the next corner. Then the next closest player moves and so on until finally the last place racer has moved.

Racers must try and stay on the track and head for the next curve. The winner is the first racer to cross the finish line after having passed through each curve in order.


Racers travel down the track a random number of inches based on the gear they're in. Players may select a gear one higher or lower than the previous turn, or may skip a gear on the downshift by making a control roll (see Control Table). Racers must move the exact number of inches determined by the dice.

Players are not allowed to measure until after they have rolled the dice. Orks do not use fractions of inches. Round all measurements up or down to the nearest inch. E.g., 29" is 30". Use the tape measure to indicate the path and distance traveled, usually straight down the road or to the first yellow dot of a curve. After indicating the complete desired path, make any necessary control rolls or deal with other encounters in order. A 'Spin out!' brings movement to an end.

Cars come with 5 gears with an optional 6th.

gear roll add spread
1 1d6 - 1-6"
2 2d6 +5 7-17"
3 3d6 +15 18-33"
4 4d6 +30 34-54"
5 5d6 +50 55-86"
6* 6d6 +75 87-111"

The straights

You must move your racer as straight as possible down the track. I.e. you may not 'bend the ruler.' Where you must, e.g. to avoid a car or corpse in the road or to make that curve entry, you must make a control roll at that spot.

The entries

The entries into the turns are special tiles at the start of each curve. They mark the latest point that racers can line up for a lane in a curve. Racers may not change lanes across the lines on the turn entries in order to take a wider turn.

The curves

Turns are made up of several tiles beginning with a turn entry tile. Vehicles must stop once in each curved tile section (but not the turn entry tile.)

The curves are conveniently divided into three lanes and marked with arrows and dots. The beginning of the tile marks the official entry into the turn. Vehicles must get their back wheels entirely past this point to count as having ended a move in the turn. The end of the tile marks the exit - vehicles must not put their noses beyond this point to count as a stop in the turn.


Racers whose move blows more than one curve tile automatically Spin out!

The turns are marked with yellow dots to aid you in finding the best path. Each dot in a lane is 5" past the one before. The outside lane of a turn is four dots end-to-end so you know it's a maximum of 15" around the turn. If the lane is clear you can just measure to the entry dot and add 5, 10 or 15 inches to figure out where you'll end up. Likewise the middle lane is 10" and the inside lane 5".

The curves are also marked with arrows to show the legal paths. Note you may tighten your turn but not widen it. That is, if you take an inside lane you may not move to an outer one later.


Yer wot?


Sometimes other cars get in your way. Collisions between vehicles or with obstacles cause:

The moving vehicle then completes moving the required number of inches unless he spun out.

Control Rolls

1-2 Spin out!
    • Move 1/2 remaining distance in a straight line.
    • If in a curve, this move must exit the road from the curve tile.
    • You will most likely hit something.

  1. Scatter d6".

  2. 1st gear next move.
  3. May not shoot.
3-4 Skid!
Scatter d3"
Speed drops one gear.
5-6 Eat my dust, runt!

A roll of '1' on the die can never be modified to better than a Skid! and a natural '6' is always a serving of Your Dust for your runty opponents.

Damage Table

All results cause debris. Running over debris causes a Control Roll. Drivers may never be killed.

1 Control roll
2 Spin out!
3 Handling damage! -1 to Handling (cumulative.)
4 Weapon destroyed! If no weapons shooter picks result.
5 Drive train damage! -1 Acceleration (cumulative.)
6 Accessory destroyed or boy killed (shooter picks) if neither, shooter picks result.


A vehicle's Handling stat is a measure of the current state of its balance, shocks, steering, outrigger grots etc. It is raised before the race by build options and lowered (substantially) during the race by Newton's third law. And I imagine there'll be pit stops, too.

Add or subtract your current Handling to your die roll on the control table. A roll of one cannot be modified to be better than a Skid! and a roll of six will always make the other players Eat Your Dust!

The best your handling can be is +5 and the worst is -5. Options that bring your total above +5 compensate for damage during the race.


Likewise, Acceleration is the condition of the drivetrain and its ability to send greenskins hurling down the road. It is a bonus or penalty to the number of inches for movement and is multiplied by the gear you're in. A handy chart:

Acc -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
2 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +1 +3 +5 +7 +9 +11 +13 +15 +17 +19 +21 +23 +25
3 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +3 +6 +9 +12 +15 +18 +21 +24 +27 +30 +33 +36 +39 +42 +45
4 +0 +0 +0 +2 +6 +10 +14 +18 +22 +26 +30 +34 +38 +42 +46 +50 +54 +58 +62 +66 +70
5 +0 +5 +10 +15 +20 +25 +30 +35 +40 +45 +50 +55 +60 +65 +70 +75 +80 +85 +90 +95 +100
6 +15 +21 +27 +33 +39 +45 +51 +57 +63 +69 +75 +81 +87 +93 +99 +105 +111 +117 +123 +129 +135

Regardless of all other factors, you can never go slower than the roll of the dice. That is, Acc penalties never do more than erase the "add" column of the speed chart.


You may scatter off the road. You may not intentionally drive off-road. Vehicles starting their move off-road may not exceed 2nd gear. This move must end back on the road if possible.


The shooting phase comes after all players have completed movement. As with movement, the lead player shoots first and so on down the line. Because players have already moved, this order should match the movement order for NEXT turn.

Shooting is per 40K 5th ed., with the following modifications:

Roll for armor penetration as for 40K, but damage is as follows:

Putting the Boot in

Loose orcs litter the raceways of the 41st millennium. Pedestrians move 6" in the movement phase after all vehicles, shoot in the shooting phase after all vehicles and assault in the Booting phase just like in 40K.

Pit Stops

Building a ride

Racers are built with 100 build points.


There are three chassis types:

BP Chassis Acc Handling Notes
10 Bike +2 +4 No more than 20 BP of weapons
Double Acc penalties from options
20 Buggy 0 +2
30 Trukk -2 0 Ignores up to -2 Acc and
-2 Handling from options


There are three engine types. These are relative to chassis size so a Turbo Soopa Bike engine is naturally smaller than a Turbo Soopa Trukk engine.

BP Engine Acc Notes
10 Wee Wankel -2 Putt-putt
20 Vee Hate 0
30 Turbo Soopa +2 Six gears


BP Armor AP Acc & Handling
10 Light 8 +1
20 Medium 10 0
30 Heavy 12 -2


Weapons may be mounted on the vehicle or weilded by crew. 'Ammo' is enough ammo for a full round of shooting with the weapon. Reloads cost double (or provide half ammo) for twin-linked weapons.

BP Weapon Ammo Notes
10 Big Shoota
Twin-linked grotblasta
Kustom Megablasta
Rokkit Launcha
Twin-linked Shoota
3 10 BP for 9 ammo
5 BP for twin-linked
10 Burna (Boy)
Twin-linked Burna (Vehicle)
2 1-4 goes out
5-6 keeps burning
(+1 if twin)
10 BP for 6 Ammo
10 Dropped 3 10 BP for 9 ammo
20 Deffgun
3 10 BP for 9 ammo
10 BP for twin-linked


BP Accessory Acc Handling Notes
20 Blowa +2 -
10 Nitro +3* -1* Lasts 3 turns
One use only
Use before rolling
10 Airfoil wing - +2
10 Orc or 2 Grots - - Comes with Shoota & Slugga
10 Anchor -5* +2* One use only
Lasts until cut loose
10 Rokkit frusta - -3* Skip D3 gears (no fewer)
+10 Smartboy (upgrade Boy) - - Pick one:
Leddfut: +2 Acc when in 1st place
Bomma: +2 Handling
Drifta: May turn safe control roll result into Skid!
Snipa: +2 BS
Mek: Fix damage on 6
10 Off-road suh-spen-shun - - May go in third gear off road.
+1 to control roll over debris.
0 Ram -1 -1 Take no damage from frontal
collision with another vehicle.
10 Magna-Grapple 0 0 Fires in forward arc
12" Range
If you hit, roll:
1-2: You accelerate 1 Gear
3-4: Target slows 1 Gear
5-6: Both

New weapons
Weapon Type Notes
Mines Dropped Hits on 4+ S6
Remove counter after hit
Oil Slick Dropped Control roll at -1 per gear of speed
Spikes Dropped
1-3 No effect
4-5 1 Handling damage
6 2 Handling damage
Smokescreen Dropped All hits from behind are glances until next move

Fixed weapons

The only types of weapons that may be fired by the driver are dropped and fixed weapons. Fixed weapons fire directly forward.

Paint jobs

Red+1 Acc
Yellow+10 BP
Bloo+1 Armor
Kammo-1 to opponent's BS
Black+1 BS

Sample Racers

Fundabolt Grease-slappa

ComponentTypeBuild PointsNotes
ChassisBuggy20+2 Handling
EngineTurbo-Soopa306 Gears
+2 Accel
ArmorLight10Armor 8
+1 Accel
+1 Handling
WeaponOil Slick
103 Ammo
AccessoryBlowa20+2 Accel
AccessoryAirfoil Wing10+2 Handling
Paint JobGo-Fasta Red0+1 Accel

Accel:+6, Handling +5

Deff Skull Road Terrer

ComponentTypeBuild PointsNotes
ChassisBuggy20+2 Handling
EngineTurbo-Soopa306 Gears
+2 Accel
ArmorLight10Armor 8
+1 Accel
+1 Handling
WeaponTwin-linked Shoota103 Ammo
AccessoryNitro10+3 acc/-1 Handling
AccessoryBomma Smartboy10Special
AccessoryMagna-grapple10+2 Handling
Paint JobBloo0+1 Armor

Accel:+3, Handling +5, 9 Armor

Bad Moon Risin

ComponentTypeBuild PointsNotes
EngineVee Hate20
ArmorLight10Armor 8
AccessoryAirfoil Wing10+2 Handling
AccessoryBoy10w/ Shoota
Accessory2 Grots10w/ pistols
AccessorySmartboy Snipa10+2 BS
WeaponBig Shoota/Ammo2012 Ammo
Paint JobTeef Yello0+10 BP
Handling +5, Accel +1


ComponentTypeBuild PointsNotes
EngineVee Hate20
ArmorMedium20Armor 10
WeaponTwin Big Shootas307 Ammo
AccessoryBoy10w/Choppa & Slugga
Handling +2

Racer Orkz

ComponentTypeBuild PointsNotes
EngineVee Hate20
ArmorMedium20Armor 10
WeaponTwo Fixed Twin-
linked Big Shootas
405 Ammo
Paint JobNinja Black0+1 BS
Handling +2

Da Trukk Nutz

ComponentTypeBuild PointsNotes
ChassisTrukk30Ignores up to -2 Acc and
-2 Handling from options
EngineWankel10-2 Accel (ignored)
ArmorHeavy30Armor 12
-2 Accel &
AccessoryDa Nutz404 Boyz
w/Choppa & Slugga
Paint JobTeef Yello0+10 BP
Accel -4
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