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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
CHX 25100Speckled: Poly D10 Air (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25103Speckled: Poly D10 Fire (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25104Speckled: Poly D10 Strawberry (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25106Speckled: Poly D10 Water (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25107Speckled: Poly D10 Cobalt (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25108Speckled: Poly D10 Space (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25110Speckled: Poly D10 Earth (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25111Speckled: Poly D10 Artic Camo (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25112Speckled: Poly D10 Lotus (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25117Speckled: Poly D10 Hurricane (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25118Speckled: Poly D10 Ninja (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25120Speckled: Poly D10 Granite (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25123Speckled: Poly D10 Mercury (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25125Speckled: Poly D10 Recon (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25128Speckled: Poly D10 Urban Camo (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25135Speckled: Poly D10 Golden Recon (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25137Speckled: Poly D10 Golden Cobalt (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25138Speckled: Poly D10 Blue Stars (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25144Speckled: Poly D10 Silver Volcano (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25146Speckled: Poly D10 Stealth (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories
CHX 25166Speckled: Poly D10 Twilight (10)8.5Dice-SpeckledAccessories