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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
PIP 70002Hordes: Two-Player Battlegroup Box89.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72094Hordes: Circle Orboros Battlegroup (Plastic)39.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72104Hordes: Circle Orboros Iona the Unseen Warlock (White Metal)15.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72105Hordes: Circle Orboros Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex Command Attachment (White Metal)12.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72106Hordes: Circle Orboros Brighid & Caul Character Unit (Resin and White Metal)29.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72110Hordes: Circle of Orboros Tharn Blood Shaman Warcaster Attachment (Resin and White Metal)14.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 74107Hordes: Skorne Abidan the Keeper Character Solo (Resin and White Metal)16.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 74109Hordes: Skorne Immortal Vessel Solo (Resin and White Metal)14.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 74112Hordes: Skorne Extoller Novitiate Solo (Resin and White Metal)12.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 75053Hordes: Minions Gremlin Swarm Grymkin Solo (White Metal)15.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 75076Hordes: Minions Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron Unit (Resin and White Metal)27.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 76012Hordes: Grymkin Crabbit Lesser Warbeast (White Metal)14.99HordesMiniatures Games