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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
CVB 2285041Infinity: Ariadna D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285042Infinity: PanOceania D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285043Infinity: Yu Jin D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285044Infinity: Haqqislam D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285045Infinity: Nomads D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285046Infinity: Combined Army D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285047Infinity: Mercenaries D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285048Infinity: ALEPH D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2285049Infinity: Tohaa D20 Dice Set (5d20)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 2289203Infinity: ITS Book Season 9 - Treason16.3InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 2289303Infinity: Outrage12.99InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280001Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 3 - Dark Mist (Caledonia VS Japanese Sectorial Army) Isobel MacGreg32.65InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280002Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 1 - Train Rescue (PanOceania VS Morat) Bipandra, Anyat, Angus32.65InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280003Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 2 - Fleeting Alliance (Nomads VS ALEPH) Lupe Balboa, Thrasymedes, M32.65InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280004Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 4 - Flee or Die (Hassassin VS Military Order) Yasbir, Konstantinos,32.65InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280005Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 5 - Viral Outbreak (Tohaa VS Shasvastii) Aelis Keesan, Hasht, HAZMA32.65InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280006-NEWInfinity: Operation: Icestorm (2 players introductory Battle Pack)98.05InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280007Infinity: Ariadna USAriadna Army Pack98.05InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280010-0595Infinity: Operation Red Veil98.05InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280011-0613Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 6 - Defiant Truth (Yu Jing vs Haqqislam) Leila Sharif, Xi Zhuang, F39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280013-0644Infinity: Beyond Red Veil Expansion Pack49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280014-0645Infinity: Beyond Icestorm Expansion Pack49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280101Infinity: Ariadna Starter Pack Ariadna43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280103Infinity: Ariadna Veteran Kazaks (AP HMG)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280107Infinity: Ariadna `Cherry` McNeill Corporal of 1st Highlanders S.A.S. (Boarding Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280114Infinity: Ariadna Para-Commandos 2 (Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280116Infinity: Ariadna Moblot (Rifle, Light Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280118Infinity: Ariadna Kazak Doktor (Doctor)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280119Infinity: Ariadna TankHunter (Autocannon)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280120Infinity: Ariadna Scout (Ojotnik)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280124Infinity: Ariadna Foxtrot Rangers (Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280127Infinity: Ariadna Equipe Mirage - 5 (AP Rifle + Light GL, 1 Chain Rifle)30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280133Infinity: Ariadna Loup-Garous (Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280134Infinity: Ariadna Zouaves (Sapper - HMG)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280136Infinity: Ariadna Caledonian Mormaers (T2 Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280138Infinity: Ariadna Chasseurs (Adhesive-Launcher)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280142Infinity: Ariadna William Wallace (EXP CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280144Infinity: Ariadna Highlander Caterans (T2 Sniper Rifle)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280145Infinity: Ariadna Dozers, Field Engineers (Akrylat-Kanone)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280146Infinity: Ariadna 112, Emergency Service (Doctor)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280149Infinity: Ariadna Loup-Garou30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280150Infinity: Ariadna Traktor Muls. Regiment of Artillery and Support45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280151Infinity: Ariadna Cameronians (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280153Infinity: Ariadna Force de Reponse Rapide Merovingienne (Ariadna Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280154Infinity: Ariadna Dozers, Field Engineers (Traktor Mul Control Device)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280155Infinity: Ariadna Metros, Troupes Metropolitaines (HMG)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280156Infinity: Ariadna Intel Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280157Infinity: Ariadna Uxia McNeill (Covert Action)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280161Infinity: Ariadna The Scots Guards, 6th Caledonian Infantry Regiment (ML)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280162Infinity: Ariadna 9th Wulver Grenadiers Regiment30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280163Infinity: Ariadna Caledonian Mormaer (AP HMG)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280164Infinity: Ariadna Scots Guards 6th Caledonian Infantry Regiment30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280165Infinity: Ariadna Brigadier Jacques Bruant, Sous-officier des Metros (Molotok)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280166Infinity: Ariadna Ariadna Spetsnaz (Sniper Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280167Infinity: Ariadna Ariadna Scouts (AP Sniper)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280168Infinity: Ariadna Antipode Assault Pack52.27InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280170Infinity: Ariadna Kazak Spetsnazs (Boarding Shotgun)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280171Infinity: Ariadna Tankhunter (HMG)11.17InfinityRole Playing Games
CVB 280172NInfinity: Ariadna 45th Highlander Rifles Galwegian NEW33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280173Infinity: Ariadna Hardcases, 2nd Irregular Frontiersmen Battalion (Tactical Bow)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280174-0539Infinity: Ariadna USAriadna Grunts35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280175-0600Infinity: Ariadna USAriadna Ranger Force (Ariadna Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280176-0580Infinity: Ariadna Devil Dogs Teams, 2nd Assault Bat. Of the USAMC35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280177-0549Infinity: Ariadna Roger Van Zant, Cpt. 6th Airborne (Heavy Pistol, AP CCW)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280178-0556Infinity: Ariadna 6th Airborne Ranger Reg. (Submachine gun)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280179-0560Infinity: Ariadna Desperadoes39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280180-0574Infinity: Ariadna Col. Yevgueni Voronin, Cossack Diplomatic Corps (Rifle/AP CCW)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280181-0581Infinity: Ariadna Kazak Spetsnaz (HMG)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280182-0592Infinity: Ariadna Foxtrot Rangers (Boarding Shotgun)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280183-0602Infinity: Ariadna Mavericks, 9th Motorized Recon Bat.39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280184-0621Infinity: Ariadna Marauders, 5307th Composite Ranger Unit30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280185-0626Infinity: Ariadna The Unknown Ranger (Molotok)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280186-0635Infinity: Ariadna 5th Minutemen Regiment `Ohio`30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280187-0640Infinity: Ariadna Intel Spec-Ops (Grunt Version)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280188-0648Infinity: Ariadna Caledonian Highlander Army, Ariadna Sectorial Starter Pack43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280189-0650Infinity: Ariadna 6th Airborne Ranger Reg. (Molotok)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280190-0657Infinity: Ariadna Caledonian Volunteers30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280191-0677Infinity: Ariadna Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger Bat. (T2 Sniper Rifle)35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280192-0683Infinity: Ariadna 1st Highlander S.A.S. (Boarding Shotgun/Chain Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280193-0695Infinity: Ariadna 3rd Highlander Grey Rifles (HMG)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280194-0698Infinity: Ariadna Irmandinhos11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280205Infinity: PanOceania Dronbot Remotes (REM)30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280216Infinity: PanOceania Cutter (TAG)39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280224Infinity: PanOceania Kamau (Hacker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280225Infinity: PanOceania Auxilia30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280233Infinity: PanOceania Jeanne dArc 2.0 (Mobility Armor) (Spitfire)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280234Infinity: PanOceania Armbots Bulleteer (Spitfire, Heavy Shotgun)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280240Infinity: PanOceania Knights of Montesa (Combi Rifle+Light GL)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280242Infinity: PanOceania Armbots: Peacemaker and Auxbot30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280244Infinity: PanOceania Military Order (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280247Infinity: PanOceania Magister Knights39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280248Infinity: PanOceania Guarda de Assalto (Spitfire/MULTI Rifle, Auxbot)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280249Infinity: PanOceania Order Sergeants (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280250Infinity: PanOceania Hexas (MULTI Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280252Infinity: PanOceania Dragoes, Acontecimento Dragoons39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280254Infinity: PanOceania Jotums (MULTI HMG + Heavy Flamethrower, D.E.P.)45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280255Infinity: PanOceania Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen (Hacker, Spitfire)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280256Infinity: PanOceania Mulebot33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280257Infinity: PanOceania Knight of the Holy Sepulchre (Spitfire)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280258Infinity: PanOceania Indigo Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280262Infinity: PanOceania PanOceanian Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280268Infinity: PanOceania Lieutenant Stephen Rao Bagh-Mari Unit (Combi-Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280269Infinity: PanOceania Neoterran Capitaline Army (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280271Infinity: PanOceania Neoterra Bolts30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280272Infinity: PanOceania Knights of Santiago (4)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280274Infinity: PanOceania Fusiliers33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280275Infinity: PanOceania Squalo. Armored Heavy Lancers of the Armored Cavalry39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280276Infinity: PanOceania Starter Pack (6)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280277Infinity: PanOceania Akalis Sikh Commandos (Spitfire)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280278NInfinity: PanOceania Aquila Guard (HMG) NEW14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280279Infinity: PanOceania Croc Men (Sniper)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280281-0550Infinity: PanOceania Seraphs, Military Order Armored Cavalry45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280282-0559Infinity: PanOceania Military Order Father Knight (Spitfire)14.72InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280283-0564Infinity: PanOceania Svalarheima Nisses (Hacker, Combi Rifle)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280284-0575Infinity: PanOceania Neoterran Corporate Executive (HVT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280285-0593Infinity: PanOceania Bagh-Mari Unit35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280286-0586Infinity: PanOceania Stingray 3 Series Clausewitz Uhlans and Acontecimento Tikbalangs59.9InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280287-0604Infinity: PanOceania Black Friars (Multi Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280288-0614Infinity: PanOceania Acontecimento Shock Army PanOcenia Sectorial Starter Pack49InfinityAccessories
CVB 280289-0627Infinity: PanOceania Order Sergeants27.5InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280290-0631Infinity: PanOceania Tech Bee and Crabbot Ancillary Remote Unit18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280291-0647Infinity: Panoceania Bagh-Mari Unit (HMG)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280292-0659Infinity: Panoceania Orc Troops (HMG/Boarding Shotgun)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280293-0663Infinity: Panoceania Tuetonic Knights (Spitfire/Combi Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280294-0668Infinity: PanOceania Locust, Clandestine Action Team (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280295-0672Infinity: PanOceania Jeanne d`Arc (Multi Rifle)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280296-0674Infinity: PanOceania Crusader Brethren (Multi Rifle + Light FT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280297-0694Infinity: PanOceania Croc Men18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280298-0697Infinity: PanOceania Knights Hospitaller41.37InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280303Infinity: Yu Jing Yaokong Remotes (REM)30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280311Infinity: Yu Jing Shaolin Warrior Monks38.01InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280312Infinity: Yu Jing Guilang (Ghost Wolves) (Combi Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280330Infinity: Yu Jing Aragoto Senkenbutai (Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun, Spitfire)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280331Infinity: Yu Jing Karakuri Special Proyect26.11InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280334Infinity: Yu Jing Keisotsu Butai (HMG)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280335Infinity: Yu Jing Oniwaban (Boarding Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280337Infinity: Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Army (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280340Infinity: Yu Jing Kempeitai (Combi Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280342Infinity: Yu Jing Shang Ji Invincible (Combi Rifle+Light Flamethrower)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280344Infinity: Yu Jing Keisotsu Butai (Missile Launcher)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280348Infinity: Yu Jing Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune (Monofilament CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280349Infinity: Yu Jing Haramaki Zensenbutai30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280350Infinity: Yu Jing Haramaki Zensenbutai (Missile Launcher)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280351Infinity: Yu Jing O-Yoroi Kidobutai (TAG)45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280352Infinity: Yu Jing Imperial Agents, Crane Rank (MULTI Rifle, Monofilament CCW)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280354Infinity: Yu Jing Yaopu Pangguling33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280356Infinity: Yu Jing Yu Jing Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280357Infinity: Yu Jing Yaoxie Remotes (Lu Duan / Rui Shi)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280358Infinity: Yu Jing Gui Feng Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280362Infinity: Yu Jing Bao Troops, Judicional Watch Unit30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280363Infinity: Yu Jing Domaru Takeshi Neko Oyama (AP CCW, EXP CCW)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280364Infinity: Yu Jing Asuka Kisaragi, Aragoto Senkenbutai Jun-I33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280367Infinity: Yu Jing Celestial Guard30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280368Infinity: Yu Jing Raiden Seibutai (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280369Infinity: Yu Jing Raiden Seibutai (Heavy Rocket Launcher)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280370Infinity: Yu Jing Zyng Invincibles Terra-cotta Soldiers11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280371-0498Infinity: Yu Jing JSA Support Pack32.65InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280374Infinity: Yu Jing Yan Huo Invincibles (2 Missile Launchers)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280376Infinity: Yu Jing Yan Huo Invincibles (HMC)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280378-0545Infinity: Yu Jing Giji Squadrons45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280379-0555Infinity: Yu Jing Domaru Butai39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280381-0568Infinity: Yu Jing Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280382-0572Infinity: Yu Jing Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group (Boarding Shotgun)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280383-0576Infinity: Yu Jing Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge (HVT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280384-0583Infinity: Yu Jing Imperial Service (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack)49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280385-0594Infinity: Yu Jing Wu Ming Assault Corps41.37InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280386-0607Infinity: Yu Jing Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank (Red Fury)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280387-0609Infinity: Yu Jing Zhanshi (Troops of the Banner) (4)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280388-0617Infinity: Yu Jing Wu Ming Assault Corps (Heavy RL)14.12InfinityAccessories
CVB 280389-0623Infinity: Yu Jing Hsien Warrirors (Multi Rifle)14.72InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280390-0628Infinity: Yu Jing Guijia Pilot11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280391-0642Infinity: Yu Jing O-Yoroi Pilot11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280392-0649Infinity: Yu Jing Zhanying Imperial Agents (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280393-0596Infinity: Yu Jing Starter Pack43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280394-0670Infinity: Yu Jing Shikami (Combi Rifle)15.21InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280395-0660Infinity: Yu Jing Ninjas (Multi Sniper/Hacker)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280396-0641Infinity: Yu Jing Tiger Soldiers (Spitfire/Boarding Shotgun)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280397-0682Infinity: Yu Jing Hac Tao Special Unit (Hacker/HMG)21.75InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280398-0685Infinity: Yu Jing Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280399-0702Infinity: Yu Jing Kuang Shi30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280407Infinity: Haqqislam Remotes (REM)30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280424Infinity: Haqqislam Tarik Mansuri, Amir of Khawarijs (DA CCW) - Special Character21.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280430Infinity: Haqqislam Djanbazan (Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280431Infinity: Haqqislam Odalisques30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280436Infinity: Haqqislam Odalisques (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280440Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Fidays (Boarding Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280442Infinity: Haqqislam Saladin, Liaison Officer (Combi Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280449Infinity: Haqqislam Kameel Remote33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280450Infinity: Haqqislam Hussein Al-Djabel, Hassassin Fiday (Rifle + Light Shotgun, Viral CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280451Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Farzans (Boarding Shotgun, Contender)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280456Infinity: Haqqislam Hussam Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280457Infinity: Haqqislam KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280459Infinity: Haqqislam Sekban. Special Naval Unit (Heavy Rocket Launcher)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280460Infinity: Haqqislam KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280461Infinity: Haqqislam Haqqislam Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280462Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Barid (Hacker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280464Infinity: Haqqislam Qapu Khalqi (Haqqislam Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280465Infinity: Haqqislam Sekban Special Naval Unit30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280466Infinity: Haqqislam Kum Motorized Troops39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280467Infinity: Haqqislam Muttawi`ah (4)35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280468Infinity: Haqqislam Ghulam Infantry33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280469Infinity: Haqqislam Kasym Beg Kum Chieftain (Chain Rifle)30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280471Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Ragiks (Spitfire)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280472Infinity: Haqqislam The Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers (2)39.19InfinityRole Playing Games
CVB 280473Infinity: Haqqislam Special Deterrance Group Azrail (Feuerbach)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280474Infinity: Haqqislam Naffatn35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280475Infinity: Haqqislam Janissaires35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280476-0546Infinity: Haqqislam Hunzakuts (Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280477-0551Infinity: Haqqislam Special Deterrance Group Azra`il (AP HMG)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280478-0557Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Ragiks (Hacker)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280479-0566Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Govads35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280480-0577Infinity: Haqqislam Tariqa, High Rank Counselor (HVT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280481-0584Infinity: Haqqislam Maghariba Guard76.25InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280482-0591Infinity: Haqqislam Bashi Bazouks (Boarding Shotgun)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280483-0606Infinity: Haqqislam Djanbazan Tactical Group39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280484-0615Infinity: Haqqislam Bashi Bazouks (Submachine Gun)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280485-0620Infinity: Haqqislam Heavy Assault Regiment Al Fasid (Heavy RL)18.48InfinityAccessories
CVB 280486-0624Infinity: Haqqislam Murabid Tuaregs (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280487-0632Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassins Govads (HMG)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280488-0636Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassins Ayyar (Viral Pistols)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280489-0597Infinity: Haqqislam Starter Pack43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280490-0665Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Muyibs30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280491-0667Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Bahram (Haqqislam Sectorial Army Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280492-0684Infinity: Haqqislam Hassassin Lasiqs (Viral Sniper/Viral Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280494-0707Infinity: Haqqislam Al Hawwa Unit18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280502Infinity: Nomads Interventor (Hacker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280504Infinity: Nomads Zonds Remotes30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280511Infinity: Nomads Szalamandra Pilot10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280516Infinity: Nomads Daktari (Doctor)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280518Infinity: Nomads Zoe & Pi-Well (Engineer & Remote) - Special Character17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280522Infinity: Nomads Lizard (TAG)39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280524Infinity: Nomads Meteor Zond (REM)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280527Infinity: Nomads Moran Maasai Hunter (Combi Rifle, CrazyKoalas)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280529Infinity: Nomads Tsyklon Sputniks33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280534Infinity: Nomads Lunokhod Sputniks (CrazyKoalas)21.75InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280536Infinity: Nomads Moran Maasai Hunter (Boarding Shotgun, CrazyKoalas)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280538Infinity: Nomads Salyut Zonds (EVO Repeater, Combi Rifle)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280540Infinity: Nomads Sin-Eater Observants (Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280541Infinity: Nomads Cassandra Kusanagi (MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Shock CCW)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280544Infinity: Nomads Prowlers (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280545Infinity: Nomads Carlota Kowalsky & Moriarty (Combi Rifle + Light FT)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280547Infinity: Nomads Reverend Custodiers (Hacker, Combi Rifle + Marker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280549Infinity: Nomads Prowlers (Combi Rifle, ADHL)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280551Infinity: Nomads Reverend Custodiers (Hacker, Boarding Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280554Infinity: Nomads Nomads Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280555Infinity: Nomads Riot Grrls (Spitfire)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280556Infinity: Nomads Vortex Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280557Infinity: Nomads Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280560Infinity: Nomads Wildcats, Polyvalent Tactical Unit (Heavy Rocket Launcher)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280561Infinity: Nomads Reverend Moiras30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280562Infinity: Nomads Corregidor Jurisdictional Command (Nomads Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280564Infinity: Nomads Bootleg Lizard Pilot14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280565Infinity: Nomads `Iguana` Squadron49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280566Infinity: Nomads Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commando (MULTI Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280567Infinity: Nomads Gecko Squadron52.27InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280568Infinity: Nomads Tomcats, Special Rescue Team30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280570Infinity: Nomads Interventors of Tunguska (4)30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280571Infinity: Nomads Alguaciles (4) (Light GL, MULTI Sniper Rifle, HMG, ML)33.74InfinityRole Playing Games
CVB 280572Infinity: Nomads Starter Pack (6)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280573Infinity: Nomads Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commando (HMG)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280574Infinity: Nomads Corregidor Jaguars (4)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280575-0542Infinity: Nomads Corregidor Alguaciles (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280576-0552Infinity: Nomads Mobile Brigada35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280578-0569Infinity: Nomads Corregidor Bandits (Boarding Shotgun)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280579-0578Infinity: Nomads Midnight Sun Analyst (HVT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280580-0582Infinity: Nomads Reverend Healer (Boarding Shotgun)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280581-0605Infinity: Nomads Corregidor Bandits (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280582-0611Infinity: Nomads Taskmaster, Bakunin Swast Team (HMG)21.75InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280583-0622Infinity: Nomads Bakunin Jurisdictional Command (Nomads Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280584-0633Infinity: Nomads Moderators from Bakunn30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280585-0637Infinity: Normads Gecko Pilot11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280586-0651Infinity: Nomads Riot Grrls39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280587-0661Infinity: Nomads Zeros (Combi Rifle/Hacker)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280588-0664Infinity: Nomads Taskmaster, Bakunin SWAST Team32.64InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280589-0669Infinity: Nomads Hellcats (Hacker/Boarding Shotgun)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280590-0687Infinity: Nomads Szalamandra Squadron49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280591-0696Infinity: Nomads Die Morlock Gruppe33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280592-0700Infinity: Nomads Spektrs18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280606Infinity: Combined Army The Hungries: Gakis and Pretas39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280608Infinity: Combined Army The Shrouded (Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280609Infinity: Combined Army Speculo Killer (Monofilament CCW, Combi Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280619Infinity: Combined Army Rasyat (Combi Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280624Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Cadmus (Combi Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280628Infinity: Combined Army Rasyat (Spitfire)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280630Infinity: Combined Army The Anathematics (Plasma Rifle)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280633Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Expeditionary Force (Shasvastii Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280634Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Gwailos (Boarding Shotgun)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280635Infinity: Combined Army Aswangs (Boarding Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280637Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Gwailos (MULTI Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280640Infinity: Combined Army Noctifers (Spitfire)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280641Infinity: Combined Army Skiavoros (Plasma Rifle)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280642Infinity: Combined Army Kurgat, Reg. of Assault Engineers (Autocannon)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280643Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Armored Corps Sphinx33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280646Infinity: Combined Army Noctifers (Missile Launcher)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280647Infinity: Combined Army Gwailos (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280648Infinity: Combined Army Malignos (Hacker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280649Infinity: Combined Army Agent Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280650Infinity: Combined Army Ikadron Batdroids and Imetron17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280651Infinity: Combined Army Treitak Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280652Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Corax Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280654Infinity: Combined Army Special Operative Ko Dali12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280655Infinity: Combined Army Sabotage and Destruction Unit Caliban (Feuerbach)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280656Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Light Support Unit Haiduk (Sniper)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280657Infinity: Combined Army Shasvastii Expeditionary Unit Aswang (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280658Infinity: Combined Army Morat Aggression Forces Sectorial Starter Pack49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280659Infinity: Combined Army Gwailos (Heavy Rocket Launcher)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280660Infinity: Combined Army Daturazi Witch-Soldiers33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280661Infinity: Combined Army Morat Vanguard Infantry33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280662Infinity: Combined Army Ejrcito Combinado Suryats (HMG)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280663Infinity: Combined Army Raktorak Morat Sergeant Major13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280664Infinity: Combined Army Kornak Gazarot Morat Superior Warrior-Officer (MK12)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280665Infinity: Combined Army Starter Pack49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280666Infinity: Combined Army Sogarat (HMG)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280667Infinity: Combined Army Unidron Batroids (4)35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280668Infinity: Combined Army Yaogat Strike Infantry (4)39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280669Infinity: Combined Army Fraacta (Boarding Shotgun)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280670Infinity: Combined Army Umbra Legates (Boarding Shotgun)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280671Infinity: Combined Army Support Pack26.11InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280672-0547Infinity: Combined Army Drone Remotes39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280674-0567Infinity: Combined Army Oznat, Morat Hunting Regiment (Vulkan Shotgun)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280675-0573Infinity: Combined Army Umbra Samaritans (Breaker Combi Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280676-0585Infinity: Combined Army Yaogat Strike Infantry (Multi Sniper Rifle)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280677-0588Infinity: Combined Army Xeodron Batroids52.27InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280678-0608Infinity: Combined Army Overdron Batroids (3)45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280679-0616Infinity: Combined Army Suryats, Assault Heavy Infantry43.55InfinityAccessories
CVB 280680-0619Infinity: Combined Army Fraacta Drop Unit (Spitfire)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280681-0629Infinity: Combined Army Raicho Pilot & Scindron Ancillary Remote Unit (CA TAG Pilot Set)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280682-0653Infinity: Combined Army Rodok, Armed Imposition Detachment (Missle Launcher)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280683-0655Infinity: Combined Army Umbra Legates (Spitfire)13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280684-0658Infinity: Combined Army Zerat Special Missions Reg. (Multi Sniper/Hacker)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280685-0679Infinity: Combined Army Pneumarch of the Ur Hegemony (HVT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280686-0681Infinity: Combined Army Avatar52.27InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280687-0688Infinity: Combined Army Nexus Operatives (Hacker)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280688-0692Infinity: Combined Army The Charontids (Plasma Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280689-0701Infinity: Combined Army: Bit & KISS! (Hacker)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280701Infinity: Mercenaries Tearlach McMurrough (2 Chain Rifle, Templar CCW) NEW17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280702Infinity: Mercenaries Miyamoto Mushashi (Chain Rifle, AP CCW, EXP CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280703Infinity: Mercenaries Yuan Yuan (Rifle, Chain Rifle)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280704Infinity: Mercenaries Saito Togan (Combi Rifle, EXP CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280706Infinity: Mercenaries Valerya Gromoz (Hacker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280707Infinity: Mercenaries Senor Massacre (AP CCW, E/M CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280708Infinity: Mercenaries Father Lucien Sforza, Authorized Bounty-Hunter (Viral Rifle + ADHL)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280710Infinity: Mercenaries Scarface and Cordelia. Armored Mercenary Team45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280711Infinity: Mercenaries Anaconda, Mercenary TAG Squadron45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280712-0430Infinity: Mercenaries Bootleg Joe Scarface Turner39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280715Infinity: Mercenaries O-12 High Commissioner (HVT/ Civil)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280716Infinity: Mercenaries Yojimbo Mercenary Sword27.2InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280717Infinity: Mercenaries Authorized Bounty Hunter (Boarding Shotgun Booty L2: Bike)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280718-0495Infinity: Mercenaries Warcors, War Correspondents13.03InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280719-0554Infinity: Mercenaries Avicenna (Doctor)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280720-0570Infinity: Mercenaries Armand `Le Muet`, Freelance Killer (MULTI Sniper Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280721-0589Infinity: Mercenaries Miyamoto Mushashi Aristeia! Outfit23.93InfinityAccessories
CVB 280722-0612Infinity: Mercenaries Kratot Renegades14.72InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280723-0630Infinity: Mercenaries Miranda Ashcroft , Authorized Bounty Hunter (Combi Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280724-0656Infinity: Mercenaries Major Lunah, Ex-Aristeia! Sniper (Viral Sniper Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280725-0666Infinity: Mercenaries Joe `Scarface` Turner, Mercenary Tag Pilot11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280726-0673Infinity: Mercenaries Outrage Characters Pack43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280727-0686Infinity: Mercenaries Druze Shock Teams30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280728-0690Infinity: Mercenaries Warcors, War Correspondents (Stun Pistol)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280801Infinity: ALEPH Starter Pack ALEPH43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280805Infinity: ALEPH Devas Functionaries (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280807Infinity: ALEPH Maruts (TAG)45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280808Infinity: ALEPH Dasyus (Combi Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280811Infinity: ALEPH Rebots (REM)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280812Infinity: ALEPH Achilles (Spitfire, EXP CCW)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280813Infinity: ALEPH Myrmidons30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280815Infinity: ALEPH Dasyus (Hacker)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280816Infinity: ALEPH Probots (EVO Repeater, Combi Rifle)33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280817Infinity: ALEPH Asuras (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280818Infinity: ALEPH Dakini Tactbots (HMG)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280819Infinity: ALEPH Myrmidon Officer (Combi Rifle, Boarding Shotgun)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280821Infinity: ALEPH Patroclus (EXP CW, Smoke Grenades)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280822Infinity: ALEPH Posthumans30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280823Infinity: ALEPH Myrmidons (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280824Infinity: ALEPH Dasyus (MULTI Sniper)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280825Infinity: ALEPH Synchronized Deva Unit33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280827Infinity: ALEPH Chandra Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280828Infinity: ALEPH Ajax the Great21.75InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280829Infinity: ALEPH The Steel Phalanx (ALEPH Sectorial Starter Pack)43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280830Infinity: ALEPH Phoenix. Veteran Myrmidon Officer (Heavy Rocket Launcher)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280831Infinity: ALEPH Aleph Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280832Infinity: ALEPH Penthesilea, Amazon Warrioress (Monofilament CCW)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280834Infinity: ALEPH Atalanta Agma`s NCO & Spotbot12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280835Infinity: ALEPH Nesaie Alk, Thorakitai Warrant Officer (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280837Infinity: ALEPH Machaon, Myrmidon Doctor-Officer10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280840Infinity: ALEPH Agma Marksmen (Multi Sniper)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280841Infinity: ALEPH Thamiris the Aoidos10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280842Infinity: Bootleg Penthesilea Amazon Warrioress Special Edition17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280844Infinity: ALEPH Teucer, Agema Warrant Officer (Feurbach)11.17InfinityRole Playing Games
CVB 280845Infinity: ALEPH Drakios & Scylla, Steel Phalanx`s NCO33.74InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280846-0543Infinity: ALEPH Acmon,Sergeant of Dactyls (2 Breaker Pistols)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280848-0571Infinity: Aleph Hector, Homerid Champion (Heavy Pistol, EXP CCW)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280849-0579Infinity: Aleph High Functionary (HVT)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280850-0598Infinity: ALEPH Achilles v2 (Hoplite Armor) (Multi Rifle, CCW)16.3InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280851-0610Infinity: ALEPH Garuda Tactbots (Spitfire)17.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280852-0625Infinity: ALEPH Posthumans, 2G Proxies46.82InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280853-0643Infinity: Aleph Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote Ancillary Unit18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280854-0646Infinity: Aleph Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280855-0638Infinity: Aleph Ekdromoi (HMG/Combi Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280856-0671Infinity: Nagas (Multi Sniper/Combi Rifle with Monofilament Mines)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280857-0678Infinity: ALEPH Andromeda, Sophistes of the Steel Phalanx (submachine gun)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280858-0691Infinity: Aleph Thorakitai30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280859-0708Infinity: ALEPH Garuda Tactbots (Boarding Shotgun)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280901Infinity: Tohaa Tohaa Starter Pack43.55InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280902Infinity: Tohaa Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280904Infinity: Tohaa Hatail Spec-Ops12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280905Infinity: Tohaa Makaul Troops30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280907Infinity: Tohaa Gao Tarsos (Combi Rifle)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280908Infinity: Tohaa Chaksa Auxiliars39.19InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280909Infinity: Tohaa Sakiel Regiment (Spitfire)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280910Infinity: Tohaa Support Pack28.29InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280911Infinity: Tohaa Kamael Light Infantry30.47InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280912Infinity: Tohaa Gao-Tarsos Unit (HMG)10.08InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280913Infinity: Tohaa Ectros Regiment (HMG)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280914Infinity: Tohaa Gorgos Squad49InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280916Infinity: Tohaa Clipsos Unit (Sniper)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280917Infinity: Tohaa Nikoul Ambush Unit (Viral Sniper, Sapper)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280918Infinity: Tohaa Kotail Mobile Unit (Combi Rifle x2)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280920Infinity: Tohaa Rasail Boarding Team35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280922Infinity: Tohaa Kaeltar Specialists35.92InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280924-0548Infinity: Tohaa Kosuil Assault Pioneers (K1 Combi Rifle)12.26InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280925-0563Infinity: Tohaa Kerail Preceptors45.73InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280927-0599Infinity: Tohaa Kaauri Sentinels (Combi Rifle/Boarding Shotgun)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280928-0603Infinity: Tohaa Kaauri Sentinels (Submachine Gun/Sniper)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280929-0634Infinity: Tohaa Sukeul Commandos (K1 Combi Rifle)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280930-0639Infinity: Tohaa Gorgos Pilot11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280931-0652Infinity: Tohaa Sukeul Commandos (Missle Launcher)11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280932-0675Infinity: Tohaa Gao-Rael Unit (Spitfire/Sniper Rifle)18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280933-0676Infinity: Tohaa Neema Saatar, Ectros Regiment Officer (Spitfire)14.12InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 280934-0693Infinity: Tohaa Igao18.48InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 285051Infinity: Bases 25mm (20)3.82InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 285052Infinity: Bases 40mm (5)3.82InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 285053Infinity: Bases 55mm (5)3.82InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 285055Infinity: Moto.tronica Scenery Pack11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 285057Infinity: Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack11.17InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 285058Infinity: Neon Lotus Scenery Pack11.17InfinityAccessories
CVB 286000Infinity: Classified Deck (DISPLAY 10)10.85InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 289403Infinity: Human Sphere N365.35InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB 289503Infinity: Core Rulebook (3rd Edition)65.35InfinityMiniatures Games
CVB AZ0002Painting Miniatures from A to Z: Angel GiraldeZ Masterclass Volume 249.05InfinityAccessories
CVB QSRULEInfinity: Quick Start Rulebook0InfinityMiniatures Games