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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
OSP MAA039British Army in North America 1775-8317.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA057Zulu War17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA085Saxon, Viking and Norman Armies17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA086Samurai Armies 1550-161517.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA089Byzantine Armies 886-111819.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA099Medieval Heraldry15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA105Mongols17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA121Armies of the Carthaginian Wars17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA122Napoleons German Allies (5)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA129Romes Enemies (1)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA131Germanys Eastern Front Allies 1941-4517.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA138British Cavalry Equipments 1800-194117.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA150The Age of Charlemagne17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA154Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA155Knights of Christ17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA156The Royal Marines 1956-198417.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA171Saladin and the Saracens17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA195Hungary and the fall of Eastern Europe 1000-156817.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA212Queen Victorias Enemies (1)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA250Argentine Forces in the Falklands17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA278Flags of the Third Reich (3)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA279The Border Reivers17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA284Imperial Chinese Armies (1)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA286The French Army 1914-1817.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA327US Marine Corps in World War I 1917-1817.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA337French Armies of the Hundred Years War17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA341British Air Forces 1914-18 (1)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA348The Moors17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA365World War II German Battle Insignia17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA374Roman Military Clothing (1)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA381Prussian Staff and Specialist Troops 1791-181517.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA384Armies of the German Peasants War 1524-2615.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA391The British Army in World War I (1)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA399Medieval Scandinavian Armies (2)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA401The Waffen-SS (1)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA402The British Army in World War I (2)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA411Warrior Peoples of East Africa 1840-190017.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA412Ukrainian Armies 1914-5515.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA413Austrian Frontier Troops 1740-9815.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA417The Irish Defence Forces Since 192217.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA421The Sikh Army 1799-184915.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA422German Armies 1870-71 (2)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA426The Confederate Army 1861-65 (2)15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA429Napoleons Mamelukes15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA434World War II German Police Units15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA439The Canadian Corps in World War I17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA440Napoleons Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA442Queen Victorias Highlanders15.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA444Napoleons Mounted Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA447The Czech Legion 1914-2017.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA448Irish-American Units in the Civil War17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA451Imperial Roman Naval Forces 31 BC - AD 50017.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA452The Belgian Army in World War I17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA453Armies of the East India Company 1750-185017.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA454The Seminole Wars 1818-5817.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA456Mounted Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA457Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years War (1)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA459The Varangian Guard 988-145317.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA461French Foreign Legion 1872-191417.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA462Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years War (2)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA463Chinese Warlord Armies 1911-3017.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA464World War II Soviet Armed Forces (1)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA465Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA466Armies of the Balkan Wars 1912-1317.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA467North American Indians Tribes of the Great Lakes17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA468World War II Soviet Armed Forces (2)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA470Roman Centurions 753-31 BC17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA474The Chaco War 1932-3517.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA475The Spanish Army in North America 1700-179317.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA476Napoleons Swiss Troops19.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA479Roman Centurions 31 BC-AD 50017.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA488American Indian Tribes of the Southwest17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA497Armies of the Russo-Polish War 1919-2117.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA498Spanish Civil War (2)17.95Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA502Byzantine Naval Forces 1261-146118Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA505Imperial Chinese Armies 1840191118Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA509French Foreign Legion 1831-7118Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA510Dutch Armies of the 80 Years` War 1568-1648 (1): Infantry18Men-at-ArmsNovels
OSP MAA511Roman Army Units in the Eastern Provinces (1): 31 BC-AD 19518Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA512Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (1): Piedmont and the Two Sicilies18Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA513Dutch Armies of the 80 Years War 1568-1648 (2): Cavalry, Artillery and Engineers18Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA514Armies of the Greek-Italian War 1940-4118Men-at-ArmsMagazines
OSP MAA515Armies of the First Carlist War 1833-3918Men-at-ArmsMagazines