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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
ARY 16001Miniature Tools: Light Duty Knife With Cap3.47Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 16005Miniature Tools: Heavy Duty Knife With Cap5.66Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 16019Miniature Tools: Grip-on Knife (Blue)6.16Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 16020Miniature Tools: Grip-on Knife (Black)6.16Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 16022Miniature Tools: Grip-on Knife (Green)6.16Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 16023Miniature Tools: Grip-on Knife (Grey)6.16Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 16024Miniature Tools: Grip-on Knife (Red)6.16Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 20011Miniature Tools: Cutting Knife Blades (5)2.51Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 20014Miniature Tools: Large Cutting Knife Blades (5)2.89Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 55520Miniature Tools: Assorted Drill Bits (6)8.77Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 55550Miniature Tools: Wire Cutters11.08Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 55608Miniature Tools: 12 Mini Files (4 Inch)17.27Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 55661Miniature Tools: Pin Vise9.53Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 55674Miniature Tools: Double Clip Extra Hands17.08Miniatures ToolsTools
ARY 55675Miniature Tools: Helping Hands With Magnifier23.91Miniatures ToolsAccessories
ARY 60000Miniature Tools: 9 X 5 1/2 Inch Cutting Mat6.96Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 64-29Citadel: Skulls25Miniatures ToolsMiniatures Games
GAW 64-52Citadel: Barbed Bracken25Miniatures ToolsMiniatures Games
GAW 65-02Games Workshop Tape Measure8Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-12Citadel: Liquid Green Stuff6.5Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-13Citadel: Epoxy Putty Ribbon11.5Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-61Citadel: Knife32Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-62Citadel: Fine Detail Cutters33Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-64Citadel: Drill26Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-65Citadel: Mouldline Remover17.5Miniatures ToolsTools
GAW 66-66Citadel: File Set21Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GF01Super Glue4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GF02Rapid Cure5.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GF03Plastic Glue4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GF04Basing Glue3.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFG050Miniatures Tools: Laser Line9.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFM310Miniatures Tools: Green Stuff18Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFM320Miniatures Tools: Grey Stuff17.5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFM440Miniatures Tools: Hobby Plasticard Variety Pack (9)11.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
GF9 GFM441Miniatures Tools: Plastic Accessory Variety Pack11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS001Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Green Static Grass5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS002Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Parched Straw Static Grass5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS003Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Winter/Dead Static Grass5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS004Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Arid Static Grass5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS005Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Marsh Blend5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS007Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Summer Flock Blend5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS008Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Dirt Flock Foundation5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS009Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Autumn Flock Blend5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS010Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Spring Undergrowth5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS011Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Dark Conifer Flock Blend5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS013Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Summer 3 Color Clump Foliage Mix5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS014Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Dark Green Static Grass5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS015Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Autumn 3 Color Clump Foliage Mix5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS016Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Tundra/Ash Flock Foundation5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS017Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Meadow Blend Flock5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS018Miniatures Tools: Super Fine Basing Grit5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS019Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Fine Basing Grit5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS021Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Medium Basing Grit5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS023Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Rocky Basing Grit5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS025Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Concrete Rubble Mix5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS027Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Snow5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS030Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Empty Hobby Round (2)2.5Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS104Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Snake Chain (1.5mm)4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS105Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Iron Cable (1.0mm)4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFS106Miniatures Tools: Hobby Round Three Strand Rope (0.5mm)4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT015Miniatures Tools: Plastic Sidecutter11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT016Miniatures Tools: Precision Sidecutter14.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT020Miniatures Tools: Intro Sculpting Set11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT023Miniatures Tools: Tape Measure5.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT026Miniatures Tools: Hobby Knife5.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT028Miniatures Tools: File Set13.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT029Miniatures Tools: 5 Piece Diamond Micro Files12.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT030Miniatures Tools: Model Pinning System11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT034Miniatures Tools: Hobby Bone Saw13.99Miniatures ToolsTools
GF9 GFT038Miniatures Tools: Curved Needlenose Pliers9.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PHZ 101Hss Drill Bits 1/16 (6)5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 102Hss Drill Bits 3/32 (5)5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 103Hss Drill Bits 1/8 (4)6.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 104Hss Drill Bits 3/16 (3)6.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 105Hss Drill Bits 1/4 (1)3.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 201Magnet/Drill Bit Combo 1/16 x 1/3217.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 202Magnet/Drill Bit Combo 3/32 x 1/1617.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 203Magnet/Drill Bit Combo 1/8 x 1/1616.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PHZ 204Magnet/Drill Bit Combo 3/16 x 1/1617.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PIP 93093P3 Paint: Super Glue6.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93095P3 Paint: Clippers14.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93096P3 Paint: Modeling Drill and Pinning Set12.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93097P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion .50mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93098P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion .85mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93099P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion 1.25mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93100P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion 1.90mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93101P3 Paint: File Set8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93102P3 Paint: Sculpting Set9.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93104P3 Paint: Hobby Knife6.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93105P3 Paint: Hobby Knife Blade Refill4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93106P3 Paint: Mixing Medium4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93107P3 Paint: Wet Palette19.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93109P3 Paint: Wet Palette Refill Pads11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93118P3 Paint: Brown/Aluminum Putty5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
RPR 75006Miniature Tools: Green Stuff Strip (6)7.49Miniatures ToolsMiniatures Games
TAP BF4101Battlefields Essential: Black Battleground Basing4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4102Battlefields Essential: Brown Battleground Basing4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4103Battlefields Essential: Snow Scatter4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4104Battlefields Essential: Grass Green Scatter4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4105Battlefields Essential: Moss Green Scatter4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4106Battlefields Essential: Ash Grey Scatter4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4107Battlefields Essential: Field Grass Static4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4108Battlefields Essential: Steppe Grass Static4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4109Battlefields Essential: Summer Undergrowth Foilage4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4110Battlefields Essential: Rocks Basing4.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4201Battlefields XP: Swamp Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4202Battlefields XP: Highland Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4203Battlefields XP: Winter Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4204Battlefields XP: Woodland Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4205Battlefields XP: Frozen Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4206Battlefields XP: Wasteland Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4207Battlefields XP: Mountain Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4208Battlefields XP: Jungle Tuft5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4209Battlefields XP: Razor Wire, 3m5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4210Battlefields XP: Meadow Flowers5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4212Battlefields XP: Lowland Shrubs5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4229Battlefields: Scorched Tuft6.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP BF4230Battlefields: Deadland Tuft6.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP ST5109Hobby Starter: Metal/Resin Assembly Kit (Updated)11.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP ST5110Hobby Starter: Plastic Assembly Kit (Updated)14.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP ST5114Hobby Starter: Battlefields basing set (box)14.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP ST5115The Army Painter Wargaming Set34.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP TL5001Tool: Miniature and Model Drill11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5002Tool: Precision Side Cutters11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5003Tool: Miniature and Model Files5.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5004Tool: Precision Hobby Knife6.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5005Tool: Hobby Pliers11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5006Tool: Hobby Sculpting Tools9.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5007Tool: Kneadite Green Stuff 8 inch8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5008Tool: Speciality Curved Files9.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5009Tool: Plastic Frame Cutter11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5011Tool: Wargaming Hobby Tool Kit29.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5012Tool: Drill Bits and Pins6.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5013Tool: Cutting Mat, A4 size8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5014Tool: Hobby Saw13.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5015Tools: Marker Light (Laser Pointer)8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5016Tools: Target Lock (Laser Line)8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5017Tool: Tape Measure (3m- inches and cm)- Range Finder5.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5023Project Paint Station29.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP TL5035Tools: Tweezers Set8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
TAP TL5040Tools: Paint Mixing Empty Bottles5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP TL5041Tools: Mixing Balls6.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
TAP WP8032Hobby Starter: Hobby Set50Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T01001Microbox Drill Set (20) 0.3-1.6mm18.06Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T01002Microbox Drill Set (20) 61-8018.06Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T02001Set of 3 s/s Probes10.74Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T02002Set of 3 s/s Carvers12.38Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T03001Budget Needle File Set (10)12.38Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T03002Set of 5 Diamond Needle Files18.06Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T03003Budget Riffler File Set (10)18.06Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T030045pc Diamond File Set 100mm16.41Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T04001FlexiSander Dual Grit x3 (90x19x6mm)4.97Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T04002FlexiSander Dual Grit x3 (90x19x12mm)4.97Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T04003FlexiSander Dual Grit x3 (80x30x6mm)4.97Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T04004FlexiSander Dual Grit x3 (80x30x12mm)4.97Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06001Saw Set #1 with Scalpel Handle #318.06Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06002#10 General Purpose Curved Blades (5) - for No. 1 Handle3.72Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06003#11 Classic Fine Point Blades (5) - for No. 1 Handle2.47Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06004#17 Chiselling Blades (5) - for No. 1 Handle2.53Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06005#68 Stencil Edge Blades (5) - for No. 1 Handle2.53Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06006Classic Craft Knife No. 1 with #11 Blade3.26Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T06007Soft Grip Craft Knife No. 1 with #11 Blade8.17Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T07001Precision Masking Tape 18mmx18m - Single Pack4.97Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T07002Precision Masking Tape 1mmx18m - Twin Pack2.53Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T07003Precision Masking Tape 2mmx18m - Twin Pack2.9Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T07004Precision Masking Tape 3mmx18m - Twin Pack3.45Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T07005Precision Masking Tape 6mmx18m - Twin Pack3.72Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T07006Precision Masking Tape 10mm x18m - Twin Pack5.67Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T08001Flush Cutter13.88Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T09001Pin Vice - Double Ended, Swivel Top11.5Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T10001Single Ended Scriber6.5Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T110019pc Plastic Modelling Tool Set19.83Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T12001Magnifier Tweezers7.02Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T12002Pick & Place Tool - Medium9.49Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T12003#3 Stainless Steel Tweezers6.5Miniatures ToolsAccessories
VAL T12004#7 Stainless Steel Tweezers6.5Miniatures ToolsAccessories