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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
OSP RAID001Rangers Lead the Way - Pointe-du-Hoc D-Day 194418.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID005The Great Locomotive Chase - The Andrews Raid 186218.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID011Pegasus Bridge - Benouville D-Day 194418.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID012Roughshod Through Dixie - Griersons Raid 186318.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID015A Far-flung Gamble: Havana 176218.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID018Raid on Zeppelin Bases 191418.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID019Flight 181 Mogadishu 197718.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID024The Last Boarding Party - The USMC and the SS Mayaguez 197518.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID025Ride Around Missouri - Shelbys Great Raid 186318.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID032Knights Move - The Hunt for Marshal Tito 194418.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID037Blackbeards Last Fight - Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 171818.95Raid SeriesMagazines
OSP RAID042The Swamp Fox Francis Marions Campaign in the Carolinas 178018.95Raid SeriesMagazines