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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
OSP NVG003Sherman Medium Tank 1942-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG005Tiger 1 Heavy Tank 1942-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG016Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank 1965-9515.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG050U-boats of the Kaisers Navy17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG057M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers 1942-5317.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG062Renaissance War Galley 1470-159017.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG064Confederate Raider 1861-6515.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG067Panther Medium Tank17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG070Pirate Ship 1660-173017.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG079American Heavy Frigates 1794-182617.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG105British Artillery 1914-1917.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG109Imperial Japan Aircraft Carriers 1921-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG111Boeing AH-64 Apache 1976-200517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG114US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1922-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG115Landing Ship Tank 1942-200217.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG117Jeeps 1941-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG119Bronze Age War Chariots17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG133British Mark IV Tank17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG137Japanese Tanks 1939-4817.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG138US Nuclear Submarines: The Fast-Attack15.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG140Armored Trains17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG143US Cruisers 1883-190817.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG144UAVs17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG145British Submarines of World War I17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG147American Light and Medium Frigates 1794-183617.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG151Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG152T-80 Standard Tank17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG153M551 Sheridan17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG154British Battleships 1939-45 (1)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG155British Airships 1905-3017.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG156Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruisers17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG157Landing Craft, Infantry, and Fire Support17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG158T-62 Main Battle Tank 1965-200517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG161Ships of the American Revolutionary Navy17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG162US Destroyers 1934-45 (Pre-War Classes)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG163British Destroyers 1892-191817.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG164German Battleships 1914-18 (1)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG165US Destroyers 1942-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG166British Motor Gun Boat 1939-194517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG167German Battleships 1914-18 (2)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG168British Aircraft Carriers 1939-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG169US Fast Battleship 1936-4717.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG170Spanish Civil War Tanks17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG171Mil Mi-24 Hind Gunship17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG172US Fast Battleships 1938-9117.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG173French Tanks of World War I17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG174Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG175US Submarines 1900-3517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG177Humber Light Reconnaissance Car 1941-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG178Mark V Tank17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG179Special Operations Patrol Vehicles17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG180Kamikaze 1944-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG181Yangtze River Gunboats 1900-4917.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG182Italian Battleships 1940-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG183Warships of the Anglo-Dutch Wars 165217.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG184Vietnam Gun Tracks17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG185LAV-2517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG186US Marine Corps Tanks of World War II17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG187Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG188Great Lakes Warships 1812-181517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG190British Heavy Cruisers 1939-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG191Italian Light Tanks 1919-194517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG193Austro-Hungarian Battleships 1914-1817.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG194British Light Cruisers 1939-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG195Italian Medium Tanks 1939-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG196Warships of the Ancient World: 3000-500 BC17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG197M103 Heavy Tank 1950-7417.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG199Tanks of Hitlers Eastern Allies 1941-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG200British Battleships 1914-18 (1)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG201M7 Priest 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG202Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyers 1919-45 (2)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG203US Flamethrower Tanks of World War II17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG204British Battleships 1914-18 (2)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG20542cm Big Bertha and German Siege Artillery of WWI17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG206US Army and Marine Corps MRAPs17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG208US Navy Dreadnoughts 1914-4517.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG209French Tanks of World War II (1)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG210US Heavy Cruisers 1941-45 - Pre-War Classes17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG211US Cold War Aircraft Carriers17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG213French Tanks of World War II (2)17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG227Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-1817.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG229US Standard Type Battleships 217.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG230Imperial Roman Warships 27 BC-193 AD17.95VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG231Railway Guns of World War II18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG232The Imperial Japanese Navy of the Russo-Japanese War18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG233Valentine Infantry Tank 19384518VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG234British Guided Missile Destroyers: County-Class Type 82 Type 42 and Type 4518VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG242Soviet Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG244Imperial Roman Warships 193-565 AD18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG245Early US Armor: Tanks 1916-4018VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG247Soviet Lend-Lease Tanks of World War II18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG248Imperial Japanese Navy Antisubmarine Escorts 1941-4518VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG249Railway Guns of World War I18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG250Maginot Line Gun Turrets: And French Gun Turret Development 1880-194018VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG251US Navy Escort Carriers 1942-4518VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG252M113 APC 1960-75: US, ARVN and Australian Variants in Vietnam18VanguardMagazines
OSP NVG253British Destroyers 1939-45: Wartime-built Classes18VanguardMagazines