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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
TLC 2001Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombies (Glow-in-the-Dark)12.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2003Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombies (Plastic)12.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2005Zombies!!!: 3.5 - Not Dead Yet9.99Zombies!!!Board Games
TLC 2011Zombies!!!: 3rd Edition29.99Zombies!!!Board Games
TLC 2012Zombies!!!: 2 - Zombie Corps(e) 2nd Edition14.99Zombies!!!Board Games
TLC 2013Zombies!!!: 3 - Mall Walkers 2nd Edition14.99Zombies!!!Board Games
TLC 2023Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombies - Deluxe12.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2024Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombies - Deluxe Glowing12.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2026Zombies!!!: Bag O Brains - Pink5.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2027Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombies - Bullets6.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2028Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombies - Hearts6.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2105Zombies!!!: Bag O Zombie - Animals12.99Zombies!!!Miniatures Games
TLC 2412-01Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector`s Box Empty50Zombies!!!Board Games
TLC 4110Zombies!!!: The Card Game19.99Zombies!!!Non-Collectible Card