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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
ASI 0003We Didnt Playtest This at All15We Didn't Playtest ThisNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0006We Didnt Playtest This Either15We Didn't Playtest ThisNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0016We Didnt Playtest This: Legacies15We Didn't Playtest ThisNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0017We Didnt Playtest This Pasted On Theme at All!15We Didn't Playtest ThisNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0025Heat16HeatNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0030Meow12MeowNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0031Adorable Pandaring12Adorable PandaringNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0050Red712Red7Non-Collectible Card
ASI 0080One Deck Dungeon25One Deck DungeonNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0101Innovation: Echoes of the Past Expansion15InnovationNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0102Innovation: Figures in the Sand15InnovationNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0110Impulse30ImpulseNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0121Mottainai: Mini15MottainaiNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0150Innovation: Third Edition20InnovationNon-Collectible Card
ASI 0300Channel A25Channel ANon-Collectible Card