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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
LGN ART000RTFC Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART002Bacon Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART004Blue Camo Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART010Dues Ex Magica Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART017Boom Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART018Fawkes Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART021Tartan Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART022Tiger Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART023Leopard Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART024Kitten Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART025Unicorn Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART028Legion Logo Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART029Panda Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART030Ninja Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART031Legionaire Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART032Horsin Around Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART035Red Circuit Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART036Blue Circuit Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART039Pegasus Air Art Sleeves (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART040Milkshake Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART047Shark Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART048Rubber Ducky Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART049Draw! Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART051Grumpy Kim Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART052Boomstick Art Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART065Good Day, Sir! Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART0661-Up Gloss Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART111Dragon Hide Art Sleeves Black (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART112Dragon Hide Art Sleeves Blue (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART113Dragon Hide Art Sleeves Green (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART114Dragon Hide Art Sleeves Red (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ART115Dragon Hide Art Sleeves White (50)1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN ASC002Ascension: Sleeves (50)2.15Ascension: Chronicle of the GodslayerAccessories
LGN ASC006Ascension Collection Box10.4Ascension: Chronicle of the GodslayerAccessories
LGN BLKDMTDouble Matte Black Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BLU002Blue Sleeves (50)1.24Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BLUDMTDouble Matte Blue Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BN12DHBDragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder Black15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN12DHEDragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder Grey15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN12DHGDragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder Green15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN12DHODragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder Gold15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN12DHRDragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder Red15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN12DHUDragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder Blue15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN12DHWDragon Hide 12 Pocket (3x4) Binder White15.6Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN2X4B8 Pocket Binder (2x4) Black13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN2X4D8 Pocket Binder (2x4) Wood Grain13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHBDragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder Black10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHEDragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder Grey10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHGDragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder Green10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHODragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder Gold10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHRDragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder Red10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHUDragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder Blue10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN4DHWDragon Hide 4 Pocket Binder White10.4Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHBDragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder Black13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHEDragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder Grey13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHGDragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder Green13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHODragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder Gold13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHRDragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder Red13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHUDragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder Blue13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN8DHWDragon Hide 8 Pocket (2x4) Binder White13Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHBElder Dragon Hide Binder Black14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHEElder Dragon Hide Binder Grey14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHGElder Dragon Hide Binder Green14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHOElder Dragon Hide Binder Gold14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHRElder Dragon Hide Binder Red14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHUElder Dragon Hide Binder Blue14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BN9DHWElder Dragon Hide Binder White14.56Card AlbumAccessories
LGN BNS650Bones D10 Turndown Life Counter2.6Life CounterAccessories
LGN BOX000RTFC Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX002Bacon Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX010Dues Ex Magica Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX017Boom Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX024Kitten Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX025Unicorn Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX026Raven Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX027Dead Man`s Hand Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX029Panda Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX030Ninja Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX031Legionaire Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX033Keep Calm Hodor Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX037Something Wicked Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX038Serenity Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX039Pegasus Air Deck Box1.56Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX040Milkshake Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX042Puppy Luvin Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX043Rainbow Star Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX044Sword in the Darkness Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX045Bad Beets Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX046Cauldron Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX047Shark Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX048Rubber Ducky Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX049Draw! Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX051Grumpy Kim Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX052Boomstick Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX053Legion Logo 2015 Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX0543 Wolf Moon Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX060The Night is Dark Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX061Police Box Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX063Tuxedo Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX065Good Day, Sir! Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX0661-Up Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX119Iconic Life Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX121Iconic Sun Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX124Super Iconic Tri-Force Deck Box2.28Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX125Super Iconic Skull Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX126Super Iconic Water Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX127Super Iconic Life Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX128Super Iconic Fire Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX129Super Iconic Sun Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX130Super Iconic Bio Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX131Iconic Gear Deck Box1.82Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX451Elder Dragon Hoard Black Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX452Elder Dragon Hoard Blue Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX453Elder Dragon Hoard Green Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX454Elder Dragon Hoard Red Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX455Elder Dragon Hoard White Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX456Elder Dragon Hoard Metallic Gold Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BOX457Elder Dragon Hoard Grey Deck Box7.8Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN BRKBLKBrick Sleeves Flat Black (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BRKBLUBrick Sleeves Electric Blue (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BRKGRNBrick Sleeves Vile Green (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BRKORGBrick Sleeves Atomic Orange (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BRKPNKBrick Sleeves Pretty in Pink (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BRKPURBrick Sleeves Eldritch Purple (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN BRKREDBrick Sleeves Goblin Red (100)4.16Card SleevesAccessories
LGN DCT124Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Triforce3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT125Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Skull3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT126Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Water3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT127Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Life3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT128Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Fire3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT129Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Sun3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT130Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Bio3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DCT131Iconic Dice D6 Tin (9) Gear3.64Dice- D6Accessories
LGN DEF001Clear Perfect Fit Defender Sleeves1.89Card SleevesAccessories
LGN DSM001Dragonstone Mine!35Dragonstone MineBoard Games
LGN EDB122Elder Dragon Vault Box Gold15.6Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN EDB123Elder Dragon Vault Box Grey15.6Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN EPC983EPIC Standard Sleeves (60)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN EPC984EPIC Deck Box4.16Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN EPC985EPIC 400 Count Cardbox10.4Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN GRN005Green Sleeves (50)1.24Card SleevesAccessories
LGN GRNDMTDouble Matte Green Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN LCB654Iconic Skull Lifecalc (Black)5.2LifecalcAccessories
LGN LCG656Iconic Life Lifecalc (Green)5.2LifecalcAccessories
LGN LCH651Iconic Biohazzard Lifecalc (Neon)5.2LifecalcAccessories
LGN LCR655Iconic Fire Lifecalc (Red)5.2LifecalcAccessories
LGN LCU653Iconic Water Lifecalc (Blue)5.2LifecalcAccessories
LGN LCW652Iconic Sun Lifecalc (White)5.2LifecalcAccessories
LGN MAT027Dead Man`s Hand Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT033Keep Calm Hodor Art Sleeves (50)2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT037Something Wicked Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT038Serenity Art Sleeves (50)2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT041Raven Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT042Puppy Luvin Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT043Rainbow Star Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT044Sword in the Darkness Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT045Double Matte Bad Beets Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT046Cauldron Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT053Legion Logo 2015 Double Matte Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT054Double Matte 3 Wolf Moon Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT060Double Matte The Night is Dark Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT061Double Matte Police Box Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT063Double Matte Tuxedo Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT124Super Iconic Double Matte Tri-Force Sleeves (50)2.28Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT125Super Iconic Double Matte Skull Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT126Super Iconic Double Matte Water Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT127Super Iconic Double Matte Life Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT128Super Iconic Double Matte Fire Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT129Super Iconic Double Matte Sun Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT130Super Iconic Double Matte Bio Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN MAT131Super Iconic Double Matte Gear Art Sleeves (50)2.47Card SleevesAccessories
LGN PLM024Kitten Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM046Cauldron Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM051Grumpy Kim Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM052Boomstick Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM0543 Wolf Moon Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM060The Night is Dark Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM061Police Box Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM117Iconic Skull Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM118Iconic Water Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM119Iconic Life Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM120Iconic Fire Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM121Iconic Sun Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM123Iconic Biohazard Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM124Iconic Triforce Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM131Iconic Gear Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM737Something Wicked Fibersoft Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN PLM738Raven Fibersoft Playmat7.8Play MatAccessories
LGN RED003Red Sleeves (50)1.24Card SleevesAccessories
LGN REDDMTDouble Matte Red Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN SILDMTDouble Matte Silver Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN STR980Star Realms Standard Sleeves (50)2.34Card SleevesAccessories
LGN STR981Star Realms Flip Box3.9Deck BoxesAccessories
LGN TELDMTDouble Matte Teal Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN TIN037Tin: Wicked3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN041Tin: Raven3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN657Tin: Iconic Biohazzard3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN658Tin: Iconic Sun3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN659Tin: Iconic Water3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN660Tin: Iconic Skull3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN661Tin: Iconic Fire3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN662Tin: Iconic Life3.9TinAccessories
LGN TIN663Tin: Iconic Triforce3.9TinAccessories
LGN WHI004White Sleeves (50)1.24Card SleevesAccessories
LGN WHIDMTDouble Matte White Sleeves (50)2.15Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGO006Unicorn YuGiOh Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGO007Kitten YuGiOh Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGO008Legion Logo YuGiOh Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGODMBBlack YuGiOh Double Matte Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGODMOOrange YuGiOh Double Matte Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGODMPPurple YuGiOh Double Matte Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories
LGN YGODMWWhite YuGiOh Double Matte Mini Sleeves2.08Card SleevesAccessories