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Product CodeNameMSRPKeywordsCategory
PIP 31121Warmachine: Cygnar Battlegroup (Plastic)39.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 32072Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth Initiates of the Order of the Wall Unit (Resin and White Meta29.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 32129Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth Exemplar Cinerator Officer Command Attachment (Resin and White Me24.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 32130Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth High Exemplar Cyrenia Warcaster (Resin and White Metal)14.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 32132Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth Exemplar Warder Solo (Resin and White Metal)14.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 32134Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth Hand of Silence Solo (Resin and White Metal)29.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33024Warmachine: Khador Man-O-War Kovnik Solo (White Metal)19.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33118Warmachine: Khador Battlegroup (Plastic)39.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33122Warmachine: Khador Greylord Forge Seer Solo (Resin and White Metal)24.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33127Warmachine: Khador Kommandant Sorcha Kratikoff Warcaster (Resin and White Metal)19.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33131Warmachine: Khador Man-O-War Suppression Tanker Solo (Resin and White Metal)34.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33132Warmachine: Khador Man-O-War Strike Tanker Solo (Resin and White Metal)34.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 33136Warmachine: Khador Greylord Adjunct Warcaster Attachment (Resin and White Metal)14.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 34152Warmachine: Cryx Bane Knight Officer Command Attachment (Resin and White Metal)16.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 35090Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah Garryth Eye of Vengeance Warcaster (White Metal)16.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 37011Warmachine: Crucible Guard Toro/Suppressor/Vindicator Heavy Warjack (Plastic)39.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 37022Warmachine: Crucible Guard Vulcan Colossal (Resin)144.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 51001Monsterpocalypse: Protectors Starter28.13MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51002Monsterpocalypse: Destroyers Starter28.13MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51003Monsterpocalypse: G.U.A.R.D. Strike Fighters & Rocket Chopper Unit (Resin)14.06MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51004Monsterpocalypse: G.U.A.R.D. G-Tanks & Repair Truck Unit (Resin)11.25MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51005Monsterpocalypse: Planet Eaters Chompers, Destructomite & Explodohawk Unit (Resin)12.38MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51006Monsterpocalypse: Planet Eaters Belchers & Crawlers Unit (Resin)11.25MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51007Monsterpocalypse: Shadow Sun Syndicate Zor-Maxim Monster (Resin and White Metal)12.38MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51008Monsterpocalypse: Shadow Sun Syndicate S-Type Shinobi & Interceptor Unit (Resin and White Metal)12.38MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51009Monsterpocalypse: Shadow Sun Syndicate Sun Fighter & Shadow Gate Unit (Resin and White Metal)14.06MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51010Monsterpocalypse: Lords of Cthul Cthugrosh Monster (Resin)14.06MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51011Monsterpocalypse: Lords of Cthul Spitter & Task Master (Resin and White Metal)12.94MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51012Monsterpocalypse: Lords of Cthul Squix & Meat Slave (Resin)15.75MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51013Monsterpocalypse: Martian Menace Ares Mothership Monster (Resin and White Metal)14.06MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51014Monsterpocalypse: Martian Menace Saucers, Power Pods & Hunter Units (Resin)14.06MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51015Monsterpocalypse: Martian Menace Vanguard and Hunter Units (Resin)14.63MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51016Monsterpocalypse: Terrasaur Terra Khan Monster (Resin)15.75MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51017Monsterpocalypse: Terrasaur Carnidon and Spikodon Units (Resin and White Metal)15.75MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51018Monsterpocalypse: Terrasaur Raptix and Brontox Units (Resin and White Metal)13.5MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51019Monsterpocalypse: Shadow Sun Syndicate Zor-Raiden Monster (Resin and White Metal)12.38WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 51020Monsterpocalypse: Planet Eaters Rogzor Monster (Resin)19.69WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 51021Monsterpocalypse: G.U.A.R.D. Sky Sentinel Monster (Resin)18MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51022Monsterpocalypse: Terrasaurs Armodax Monster (Resin)15.19MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51023Monsterpocalypse: Martian Menace Deimos-9 Monster (Resin)14.06MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51024Monsterpocalypse: Lords of Cthul Yasheth Monster (Resin)15.75MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51027Monsterpocalypse: Dice Set6.75MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51040Monsterpocalypse: Skyscraper Building (Resin)13.5MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51041Monsterpocalypse: Downtown High Rise Building (Resin)11.81MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51042Monsterpocalypse: Corporate HQ Building (Resin)11.25MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51043Monsterpocalypse: Communications Array Building (Resin)8.44MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51044Monsterpocalypse: Industrial Complex Building (Resin)7.31MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51045Monsterpocalypse: Power Plant Building (Resin)8.44MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51048Monsterpocalypse: G.U.A.R.D. Defense Base Building (Resin)11.25MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51049Monsterpocalypse: Harbinger Comet Shard Building (Resin)9.56WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 51050Monsterpocalypse: Martian Menace Command Post Building (Resin)8.44MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51051Monsterpocalypse: Shadow Sun Industries Building (Resin)8.44WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 51052Monsterpocalypse: Void Gate Building (Resin)11.25MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 51054Monsterpocalypse: Mount Terra (Resin)10.69MonsterpocalypseMiniatures Games
PIP 70002Hordes: Two-Player Battlegroup Box89.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72094Hordes: Circle Orboros Battlegroup (Plastic)39.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72104Hordes: Circle Orboros Iona the Unseen Warlock (White Metal)15.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72105Hordes: Circle Orboros Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex Command Attachment (White Metal)12.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72106Hordes: Circle Orboros Brighid & Caul Character Unit (Resin and White Metal)29.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 72110Hordes: Circle of Orboros Tharn Blood Shaman Warcaster Attachment (Resin and White Metal)14.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 74107Hordes: Skorne Abidan the Keeper Character Solo (Resin and White Metal)16.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 74109Hordes: Skorne Immortal Vessel Solo (Resin and White Metal)14.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 74112Hordes: Skorne Extoller Novitiate Solo (Resin and White Metal)12.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 75053Hordes: Minions Gremlin Swarm Grymkin Solo (White Metal)15.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 75076Hordes: Minions Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron Unit (Resin and White Metal)27.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 76012Hordes: Grymkin Crabbit Lesser Warbeast (White Metal)14.99HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 76031Hordes: Grymkin Clockatrice Heavy Warbeast (Resin and White Metal)34.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 91001Accessories: 30mm Bases (12)4.99Miniatures BasesAccessories
PIP 91002Accessories: 40mm Bases (8)4.99Miniatures BasesAccessories
PIP 91003Accessories: 50mm Bases (5)4.99Miniatures BasesAccessories
PIP 92043Warmachine: Cygnar Journeyman Lieutenant Allister Caine Solo (Resin and White Metal)14.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 92045Warmachine: Cryx Warwitch Initiate Deneghra Warcaster (White Metal)14.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 92046Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth Potentate Severius Solo (Resin and White Metal)14.99WarmachineMiniatures Games
PIP 93001P3 Paint: Cygnar Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93002P3 Paint: The Protectorate of Menoth Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93003P3 Paint: Khador Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93004P3 Paint: Cryx Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93005P3 Paint: Mercenaries Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93006P3 Paint: Iron Kingdoms Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93007P3 Paint: Fine Hobby Paint Brush6.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93008P3 Paint: Work Hobby Paint Brush6.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93009P3 Paint: Base Hobby Paint Brush6.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93011P3 Paint: Flesh Wash4PaintAccessories
PIP 93012P3 Paint: Armor Wash4PaintAccessories
PIP 93013P3 Paint: Red Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93014P3 Paint: Yellow Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93015P3 Paint: Green Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93016P3 Paint: Blue Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93017P3 Paint: Brown Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93018P3 Paint: Turquoise Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93019P3 Paint: Sanguine Base4PaintAccessories
PIP 93020P3 Paint: Skorne Red4PaintAccessories
PIP 93021P3 Paint: Khador Red Base4PaintAccessories
PIP 93022P3 Paint: Khador Red Highlight4PaintAccessories
PIP 93023P3 Paint: Ember Orange4PaintAccessories
PIP 93024P3 Paint: Heartfire4PaintAccessories
PIP 93025P3 Paint: Cygnus Yellow4PaintAccessories
PIP 93026P3 Paint: Sulfuric Yellow4PaintAccessories
PIP 93027P3 Paint: Battlefield Brown4PaintAccessories
PIP 93028P3 Paint: Umbral Umber4PaintAccessories
PIP 93029P3 Paint: Bloodstone4PaintAccessories
PIP 93030P3 Paint: Bloodtracker Brown4PaintAccessories
PIP 93031P3 Paint: Bootstrap Leather4PaintAccessories
PIP 93032P3 Paint: Hammerfall Khaki4PaintAccessories
PIP 93033P3 Paint: Thrownwood Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93034P3 Paint: Gnarls Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93035P3 Paint: Iosan Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93036P3 Paint: Ordic Olive4PaintAccessories
PIP 93037P3 Paint: Traitor Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93038P3 Paint: Wurm Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93039P3 Paint: Necrotite Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93040P3 Paint: Exile Blue4PaintAccessories
PIP 93041P3 Paint: Cygnar Base Blue4PaintAccessories
PIP 93042P3 Paint: Cygnar Blue Highlight4PaintAccessories
PIP 93043P3 Paint: Greatcoat Grey4PaintAccessories
PIP 93044P3 Paint: Ironhull Grey4PaintAccessories
PIP 93045P3 Paint: Frostbite4PaintAccessories
PIP 93046P3 Paint: Coal Black4PaintAccessories
PIP 93047P3 Paint: Trollblood Base4PaintAccessories
PIP 93048P3 Paint: Meredius Blue4PaintAccessories
PIP 93049P3 Paint: Arcane Blue4PaintAccessories
PIP 93050P3 Paint: Underbelly Blue4PaintAccessories
PIP 93051P3 Paint: Beaten Purple4PaintAccessories
PIP 93052P3 Paint: Murderous Magenta4PaintAccessories
PIP 93053P3 Paint: Sanguine Highlight4PaintAccessories
PIP 93054P3 Paint: Carnal Pink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93055P3 Paint: Idrian Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93056P3 Paint: Beast Hide4PaintAccessories
PIP 93057P3 Paint: Khardic Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93058P3 Paint: Midlund Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93059P3 Paint: Ryn Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93060P3 Paint: Battledress Green4PaintAccessories
PIP 93061P3 Paint: Gun Corps Brown4PaintAccessories
PIP 93062P3 Paint: Rucksack Tan4PaintAccessories
PIP 93063P3 Paint: Moldy Ochre4PaintAccessories
PIP 93064P3 Paint: Jack Bone4PaintAccessories
PIP 93065P3 Paint: Menoth White Base4PaintAccessories
PIP 93066P3 Paint: Menoth White Highlight4PaintAccessories
PIP 93067P3 Paint: Cryx Bane Base4PaintAccessories
PIP 93068P3 Paint: Bastion Grey4PaintAccessories
PIP 93069P3 Paint: Cryx Bane Highlight4PaintAccessories
PIP 93070P3 Paint: Trollblood Highlight4PaintAccessories
PIP 93071P3 Paint: Thrall Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93072P3 Paint: Thamar Black4PaintAccessories
PIP 93073P3 Paint: Morrow White4PaintAccessories
PIP 93074P3 Paint: Pig Iron4PaintAccessories
PIP 93075P3 Paint: Cold Steel4PaintAccessories
PIP 93076P3 Paint: Quick Silver4PaintAccessories
PIP 93077P3 Paint: Radiant Platinum4PaintAccessories
PIP 93078P3 Paint: Molten Bronze4PaintAccessories
PIP 93079P3 Paint: Rhulic Gold4PaintAccessories
PIP 93080P3 Paint: Solid Gold4PaintAccessories
PIP 93081P3 Paint: Blighted Gold4PaintAccessories
PIP 93082P3 Paint: Brass Balls4PaintAccessories
PIP 93083P3 Paint: Trollblood Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93084P3 Paint: Circle Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93085P3 Paint: Legion Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93086P3 Paint: Skorne Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93087P3 Paint: Work Studio Paint Brush11.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93088P3 Paint: Fine Studio Paint Brush11.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93089P3 Paint: Small Flat Brush9.99P3 ProductsTools
PIP 93090P3 Paint: Large Flat Brush17.99P3 ProductsTools
PIP 93091P3 Paint: Small Drybrush8.49P3 ProductsTools
PIP 93092P3 Paint: Large Drybrush9.49P3 ProductsTools
PIP 93093P3 Paint: Super Glue6.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93095P3 Paint: Clippers14.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93096P3 Paint: Modeling Drill and Pinning Set12.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93097P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion .50mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93098P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion .85mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93099P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion 1.25mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93100P3 Paint: Pinning Expansion 1.90mm4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93101P3 Paint: File Set8.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93102P3 Paint: Sculpting Set9.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93104P3 Paint: Hobby Knife6.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93105P3 Paint: Hobby Knife Blade Refill4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93106P3 Paint: Mixing Medium4.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93107P3 Paint: Wet Palette19.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93109P3 Paint: Wet Palette Refill Pads11.99Miniatures ToolsTools
PIP 93111P3 Paint: Black Spray Primer11.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93112P3 Paint: White Spray Primer11.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93115P3 Paint: Retribution of Scyrah Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93117P3 Paint: Convergence of Cyriss Colors19.99PaintAccessories
PIP 93118P3 Paint: Brown/Aluminum Putty5.99Miniatures ToolsAccessories
PIP 93119Warmachine and Hordes: Formula P3 Cutting Mat14.99Warmachine/HordesMiniatures Games
PIP 93129P3 Paint: Gravedigger Denim4PaintAccessories
PIP 93132P3 Paint: Sickly Skin4PaintAccessories
PIP 93138P3 Paint: Meaty Ochre4PaintAccessories
PIP 93141P3 Paint: Bog Moss4PaintAccessories
PIP 93147P3 Paint: Inferno Orange4PaintAccessories
PIP 93149P3 Paint: Eldritch4PaintAccessories
PIP 93159P3 Paint: Blazing Ink4PaintAccessories
PIP 93161P3 Paint: Kossite Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93162P3 Paint: Caspian Flesh4PaintAccessories
PIP 93169P3 Paint: Deathless Metal4PaintAccessories
PIP 93172P3 Paint: Boiler Black4PaintAccessories
PIP 93176P3 Paint: Galvanized Steel4PaintAccessories
PIP 93209P3 Paint: Piggy Purple4PaintAccessories
PIP 93210Warmachine and Hordes: Grymkin The Wicked Harvest Paint Set (6 paints)19.99Warmachine/HordesMiniatures Games